Words From Pastor Mark – 3/14

Joy for the Journey

The journeys of today are not like those in the times of Jesus. As a young child and into my teenage years wherever we lived in Peru, IN or Melbourne, FL we would take many trips.

Most of the trips we made would include family. It didn’t matter if we were traveling back to Indiana or to Texas we always visited with relatives. Dad was one of 9 children and he had relatives all over. If we travel through North Carolina we would stop to visit each of my cousins, aunts and uncles, all of whom lived close to each other. When we traveled west we stayed with Dad’s sister in Texas and played with my cousins in that State. We even travelled to California we stayed with Aunt Thelma. Each family would offer us a place to stay, food and a glass of iced tea. I still remember the first motel I stayed in as a child and always comment on it when I pass by it today because they were so few. (I would not stay there now. . .) I still remember many of those childhood journeys, the joy of the travel, and the time with my parents, brother and extended family. All it cost for many of those trips was the price of gas and some food that we carried with us. In the car, we used to talk about what was going on at home, school or church. Each journey harvested new insights into the “crosses” problems and the joys of our life.

We would come back with a new way of thinking; afterwards, our burdens wouldn’t be so heavy. I realized recently that when I am driving or riding in the car, I come up with all kinds of new ideas, as well as solutions to problems. Everything seems so clear. (The only problem is remembering my ideas by the time I get home.) The stimulation from being out, anywhere, in God’s Holy Land sparks all kinds of imagination. Every journey I go on gives me an in-novative point of view into the next turn in my life. My thoughts are God’s way of guiding me in my journey through life on earth. You just never know what is going to happen tomorrow, so just don’t worry about it. It is all God’s plan.

This morning as I progressed on my 2014 Lenten journey it was like those travels. As I prayed, listened to a devotion-al message and the bible reading I was able to come up with all kinds of ideas and everything seemed a little clearer. How about your journey. . . are you finding joy in the trip?

Pastor Mark

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    Hello Pastor Mark,
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