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Words from Pastor Mark – November 2015

We all love BABIES!

Over the last few months our church has seen a lot of new babies. We have baptized my new grandbaby, welcomed new babies Aiyana, Van and Gavin. You may not join me in this but I love to hear the noise of babies in church. We have said it over and over, “What a beautiful baby.” We all started there, but it has been so long that I don’t remember much about being a baby. Do you remember when you were a baby? One thing I know about babies is that they are not shy when it comes to letting you know when they want something. They will let you know when they are hungry, thirsty, sick, tired, or wet. Since a little baby doesn’t know how to talk, how can he or she tell you all these things? Right! A baby lets you know these things by crying. The baby doesn’t care if you are in church, at a movie, or eating dinner in a fine restaurant. If a baby wants or needs something, you are going to hear about it! As we get older, we learn to be more reserved about making our wants and wishes known. Or do we? One of my favorite Bible stories is the healing of blind Bartimaeus. Continue reading

Words From Pastor Mark – October 2015

Great Times
Let me start this article by thanking everyone who worked so hard to make the block party a wonderful success. It was great to see so many Crescent Avenue shirts helping serve the community.

Thank all of you for the great birthday and baptism celebration after church last Sunday. The many cards and thoughtful comments were appreciated by not only myself but my daughter as well. It is great to be part of God’s family. Continue reading