Words From Pastor Mark – 9/13

We are now 6 weeks into our new beginning at Crescent Avenue. Some great work was done the months prior to July. We are all thankful for the outstanding leadership of the members of CAUMC, the interim pastor Phil and the music director Paul.

But now is the time for all of us to step up and do something. Most people who do not attend church say it is because nobody ever ask them. So here is what I would like for you to consider over the next few weeks. INVITE SOMEONE TO CHURCH. I have listed below a few steps on how.

  1. Live and display the spirit of love with all you encounter
  2. Share a personal testimony of God’s work in your life
  3. Display an excitement about your relationship with Jesus
  4. Display excitement about the ministry in which you serve (your church)
  5. Share information about your church’s worship
  6. Take the leap! INVITE THEM TO CHURCH!
  7. Demonstrate excitement at their attendance
  8. Introduce them to others
  9. Now that they have attended tell them how excited you were to have them attend with you and that you hope they will attend again

This is the easiest thing we can do. . . but it pays large dividends in the Kingdom of God.

Mark Gough

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