Weekday School – September News 9/13

School has arrived. With the weather seeming more like autumn, school is right on time. It is really awesome to see the children during the first weeks. They are excited about new rooms, teachers, getting a locker, seeing old friends, meeting new friends and just the electricity that is in the air.

At CAWS, we had shutdown in August. We were lucky enough to get in 9 – 10 hours of training plus get the rooms ready for the children. Many children stay with us, just moving to the next room. During shut down, we were able to get some areas painted that really need it. We were also able to wash some of the dirt off the walls.

Also, the first of August, CAWS was visited by a group from Walgreen on Day of Caring through United Way. The crew painted 2 classrooms plus one that was not scheduled. The crew was fast and we appreciate their hard work. CAWS bought the paint, brushes and rollers.

CAWS has received our grant check from Associated Churches’ Lets Grow Grant. Some of the materials have been ordered. So watch for some changes on our play-ground. We will begin working on Saturday, September 7, if you would like to volunteer some muscle. Not all the work is physically hard. We need painters, dirters, rakers and builders. Come join us.

Have a great September,

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