Weekday School – April News 4/14

April was a terrific month. We celebrated the “Month
of the Young Child”. It was so much fun. We had crazy
hair day, smile day, pj. day, mix/match day and of course,
purple day. Some of the other events were a puppet show with
a performance of a Soup Opera and “Itsy, Bitsy Spider” that
had fake rain. The children enjoyed it.

The teachers had fun during “Teacher Appreciation
Week”. I think they loved the unending chocolate more
than anything else. They were given angels because
they are angels and we ended with cake and ice cream
sundaes. It is really amazing how we can fit in so many
extra activities in one month along with the normal
things that happen at a child care center.

May should be a little slower for us. We begin to “wind”
down the school year. We are opened all summer, so
we start making plans for a fun filled summer. The
school-age children will be here all day. Planning events
to keep them busy is always a challenge. If you have
any ideas, we are always looking for new super ideas.
The school age children will go swimming on Monday
like they have every summer.

We received a check from Box Tops for Education for
$290 which we will use for art supplies. We are now
starting our collection for October. Keep up the good
work. The Campbell labels and Box Tops give us a little
extra money to do things with. Our children are special
and we like to be able to do “special” things for them.

Have a Great May and Happy Mother’s Day

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