Weekday School – October News 10/2014

September is over. Believe it or not, it was a pretty calm month. Everyone was getting into a routine and enjoying the cooler weather. We had many new families to welcome. Enrollment is up.

On September 15, CAWS had their annual Paths to Quality rating visit. The rater observed in the classrooms and looked at documentation of our paperwork for education and training of the staff. CAWS maintained our Level 4 rating. We are very proud of our accomplishment. Continue reading

Words From Pastor Mark – 10/14

We Need Heroes!

The lyrics of a song from a few years ago are:
Everybody needs a hero
Someone who always knows the way
Just when you’re sure you’ve really gone astray. . . By Joan Jett and The Blackhearts

What does it take to be a true hero? Usually a hero in this world is not some superman, endowed with mystical powers and great abilities and talents. It is an individual who over a period of time is willing deny the needs of themselves and focus on the needs of others. So what does it mean to be a true Christian hero? I is a person who is willing to believe God, commit themselves to God’s will, and devote themselves to God’s work. Continue reading

Weekday School – August News 8/14

Summer is over. It has been a busy time. We have been through the transition of the children going back to school. We were sad yet happy, too. We had to say good-bye to children who have been with us and now they have begun their “School Life”. A couple of these children have been with us since they were 2 years old. But on the other hand, we are so happy because we get to meet new children and their families. We welcome all our new families and hope they have a wonderful experience at CAWS. Continue reading

Words From Pastor Mark – 8/14


I have been reading Exodus and Joshua in preparation for the next sermon series. What great books. The one BIG point I have discovered in that text is. . . If you’re going to follow God’s calling on your life, you’ve got to believe it’s never, never too late.

After Moses sent the 12 spies into the Promised Land, they returned and reported that the land was too hard a place for God’s people to settle. Because of their unbelief, God had the nation wander around in the desert for an-other 40 years, and an entire generation died because they did not believe in God’s promises. But Caleb and Joshua believed, and they got to live. Continue reading

BLOCK PARTY – 8/17/14

This Sunday from 4-8pm! 40ft Banana Split Sundae will take place at 5:30, and drawings for prizes (which may include kid’s bikes…) will be about every half hour. Other items include a petting zoo, live music, free food, games, and a BIG bounce house. Invite your friends – this will be a great time, rain or shine!

Sunday August 18, 4-8pm

Sunday August 18, 4-8pm

Words From Pastor Mark – 7/14

Bloom where you are planted. . .

A number of years ago there was a statement that was popular. It was “bloom where you are planted”. There were books and articles and a 7 step program developed to help you to bloom. Some persons took the admonition to heart and did bloom but most just went about their life complaining, whining and saying that life just was not fair.

Bloom where you are planted does not appear in the Bible. . . but I believe we could look to I Corinthians 7: 20 – 24.   Continue reading