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Weekday School – October News 10/13

September went fast at CAWS. We have enjoyed most of the weather. It was nice to have cooler days. We celebrated the “Second Day of Fall” on Monday, September 23 with great food and activities that reminds us of autumn. CAWS’ Families and Staff had a super time at the “Pick-up and Pasta” dinner. Thank you to everyone who made the dinner a success.

As many of you can see, we have been working on our playground. We received a grant from Associated Churches to make some changes and to purchase some new equipment. The playground is a work in progress. It will take some time to complete everything that we want to accomplish. Hopefully, it will be completed by winter. We only work on Saturdays from 8:00 am – 12:00pm. Please contact our office, if you would like to help.

October will be a fun filled month with CAWS’ school pictures, the “Creative Craft” Bazaar on Saturday, October 19 and enjoying the autumn weather. Oh! Don’t forget about the CAWS’ Board Member’s Pie Sale. These are the best pies and with the holidays coming, it is a win-win situation. These pies make life a little easier during the holidays. See a Board Member or call our office to place your order.

Thinking farther into the future, well at least as far as December, mark your calendar for CAWS’ Christmas Gathering. It will be Thursday, December 12 at 7:00. Plan on being there to hear our wonderful children sing songs, recite poems and finger plays. The children will be making cookies again to serve for refreshments. It will be a fabulous night.

Have a great month and enjoy the wonderful autumn season.


Weekday School – September News 9/13

School has arrived. With the weather seeming more like autumn, school is right on time. It is really awesome to see the children during the first weeks. They are excited about new rooms, teachers, getting a locker, seeing old friends, meeting new friends and just the electricity that is in the air.

At CAWS, we had shutdown in August. We were lucky enough to get in 9 – 10 hours of training plus get the rooms ready for the children. Many children stay with us, just moving to the next room. During shut down, we were able to get some areas painted that really need it. We were also able to wash some of the dirt off the walls.

Also, the first of August, CAWS was visited by a group from Walgreen on Day of Caring through United Way. The crew painted 2 classrooms plus one that was not scheduled. The crew was fast and we appreciate their hard work. CAWS bought the paint, brushes and rollers.

CAWS has received our grant check from Associated Churches’ Lets Grow Grant. Some of the materials have been ordered. So watch for some changes on our play-ground. We will begin working on Saturday, September 7, if you would like to volunteer some muscle. Not all the work is physically hard. We need painters, dirters, rakers and builders. Come join us.

Have a great September,

Pick Up and Pasta! Sept 26th

Pick Up and PastaTake a break and join church members and the Crescent Avenue Weekday school families for a free spaghetti pasta meal in the church dining room. This is the kick-off event of our new vision to Connect (with the community), Grow (as followers of Christ) and Serve (the needs of others) and we expect to ‘connect’ with the Weekday School families as they pick up their students. The kids’ artwork will be on display for a vibrant addition to the evening. We hope for everyone from Crescent Avenue to attend for fellowship, plus the tasty food. All are welcome, so bring the rest of your family, too, on Thursday, September 26th from 4:30-6 p.m. If you think you might be able to come, just let Kay know, so we know how many noodles Marty needs to make! By the way, cooks, hosts, servers, cookie bakers, talkers and cleaner-uppers are welcome, too, so if you can help for a bit, we sure would love it. Questions? Ask Kay at 422-6461 days, 489-1649 evenings or Kay (at)

Weekday School – July News

Summer is flying by. July 4th  is half way through the summer. Maybe because we have fi-nally gotten some summer-like weather. This is one of the best times of the year; we have children who used to attend here come back for visit. Some of these children we have not seen in years. It is wonderful to see how they have grown. It is really cool to see the foundation we laid for their future educa-tion. Also, the children remember how special they are to us.

July will be a faster and furious month with vacations, trainings, Fourth of July, CAWS’ Olympics, getting ready to re-enroll our children, advertising for the fall. The chil-dren will enjoy being outside and playing in the water wands. Water always soothes everyone’s nerves and anxiety.

I hope everyone gets to enjoy some of the beautiful days we have had lately and will have to rest of the summer. Summer holds many exciting events. CAWS’ School-age children will be selling sno-cones on Wednesday evening from 4:30 – 5:30 for $.50. The profits will go to the school-age program.

Please continue to collect all our labels and stuff. Some-times you really have to look for those little Box Tops, they can be small and hide. We are in the process of checking into Tyson Chicken A+ program. When we re-ceive confirmation that we have been accepted, we will let you know if you will need to start collecting them. We are always looking for ways to earn some extra money.

CAWS has requested to be invited for the Let’s Grow Grant – Phase 2. We want to make some very necessary changes to the playground areas and purchase new equipment to enhance to outdoor environment.

Also, this year CAWS has sent a requested to United Way to have volunteers come on Day of Caring and paint two of the classrooms this year. Hopefully, we will receive their help. Our classrooms have never been painted since I have been here which will be 10 years in September. CAWS will have to purchase the equipment for the job but it will make our rooms look nice.

Have a wonderful month!